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A complete Set of Security Tools

This sale is for my own PC Maintenance tool (CD)  which includes a massive collection of award winning Free software to remove viruses, spyware, adware, rootkits, trojans, and speed up, protect or repair your laptop or computer!

The Software Includes step by step instructions.

This is a Genuine Low Cost Antivirus Solution for Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & all other Windows versions.

Please note: The software is tested and ready to install in minutes. Your payment is for the "Hard Copy & Postage) with help & backup also to help cover the costs of constantly updating the CD, preparation,  Design, time and all the hard work I put into the easy to use menu's. It is possible to download many of these pieces of software from the public domain but at Your Own Risk!


Boost speed by up to 100%

  • Is your PC sluggish and slow?
  • Does it take forever to boot up and shut down?
  • Do your applications frequently say they're "not responding"?

If you no longer feel in control of your PC then this CD is for you...This CD is an indispensable tool for PC users everywhere that scans your PC registry for unwanted clutter and optimizes your hard disk, increasing overall performance and boosting speed by up to 100%!See real results in minutes...

Award Winning Antivirus

Satisfaction guaranteed


Award Winning ANTI-VIRUS Software

Easy to load with full on CD instructions.

Fast Loading, Does not bog you're machine down Like Norton.

Not just a scanner like Clamwin.


a selection of software is provided so that all Windows versions from XP onwards are catered for.

No Quibble Money back Guarantee.

Includes the Complete backup system

Sounds too good to be true, How is it possible?.
In a nut shell : Open source software is funded by Independent Developers, Commercial Companies, Venture Capital Companies & Governments/Public Authorities. There are many many reasons why open source is funded and there are thousands of Organizations that support open source such as IBM, Red Hat, Sorceforge, Linux & Sun Micro Systems. Some Software is supported by adverts, in many cases (if you find these annoying you can switch them off)


You are purchasing a CD that contains a collection of free software for Windows, without the risk downloading from posible unsavory sites on the internet. Its easy to search for Free antivirus, but click on the wrong thing and you end up with ransom ware such as Ukash and some very big bills. (if you have already done this.. this CD will remove the Ukash/Police Virus).

. you get the help required to use them safely if you need Me.
If you want a complete anti-virus protection that carries all the features
and strengths of Norton and McAfee without the cost commitments and the mess these packages leave you with then this will be the perfect solution to you!

Mcafee Norton & lynux & knoppix and Microsoft also any other name you see. are registered trademarks of their respective owners/companies. Free upgrades advertised refer to antivirus package and other GPL licensed software which covers a vast majority of the lgpl/gnu packages on this CD. Updates are online so you will have to be online or have access to the Internet for your software to update. some software is downloaded via links on the CD so that you get the latest versions, This is also necessary to fall in-line with the distribution rules set by the relevent companies/owners. The item on sale is a remastered Linux repair and recovery CD that boasts a massive collection of free anti virus packages, utilities and more which are distributed under the gpl license or open source and/or are available in the public domain. Please note that Updates are not upgrades, a few selected pieces are simply "the standard version or home version"but will be all that you require, but if you wish to advance to a premium version or business version so that you get help directly from the authors (where applicable) there may be an additional charge (this applys to a very small section and is not a requirement.).

Much of this software is available to download from the internet free of charge.

Please. You do not have to buy this. Only buy it if you want a hard copy on CD and do not want to download it all.

is not possible to to download our help, our re-mastered linux system, our menu and a physical CD (all of which is incorporated into the price).

In short.. You can not download this CD.

Some software on this CD (such as the keylogger or password detection software) might throw warnings up when seen by an anti-virus simply because of the nature of the job it is meant to don (think about it). Don't be alarmed, this is normal & it is only a generic warning.

NOTICE TO EBAY SAFEHARBOR & VERO:: I can GUARANTEE THAT :I am authorized to distribute this item under GNU GPL & LGPL General Public License.