please note: Item on sale is Go-office (not openoffice)




Complete Office Suite on our own Proffesionally Printed CD

Complete Office Package.
"Go-Office Micro" Soft suite Pro. for Home Student Business.

This is not a Trial Version. No Product Key Required.

Includes 1500 Templates, Desk Top Publisher, PDF Convertor, Spell Check, Spreadsheet, DataBase, Presentation, Maths & Much More

Screen setup shows compatibility with The top brands word processor

Replaces the "Top Brand" Office Totally. Ideal if your trial has expired

Includes Help, Instructions and an easy to use Menu system

Designed for Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, 98se & NT. With such incredible savings its worth a try, If for any reason you don't like it. It Comes with a Money Back Guarantee.

If you have a recent version of Openoffice,You may be told this is an older version. Simply ignore it & uninstall it before installing Go-Office. Although your Openoffice may be more recent, it does not have the same benefits as Go-office and is not as good. Newer isn't always better. (please see below for more detail)

Screenshot of the Go-Office mssp Word processor in use:

Complete Office Suite on our own Proffesionally Printed CD

Actual CD Menu

Easy to use Menu with instructions

Can also be used as a Desk Top Publisher

Actual Menu. Our own easy to use design, with helps and how to's

Complete Office Suite on our own Proffesionally Printed CD

Go-Office Description

Includes a fully loaded Word Processor. Spreadsheet. Presentation package, Database, Publisher, Font Art (Word Art), Spell Checker, Thesaurus, Grammar Checking & a whole lot more.

This is NOT a standard version of Open-Office. Its better in many ways!

Desktop publishing is easy, and it also can be fun.

With GoOffice you have a rich selection of tools to create high-quality documents for personal or business use.

Such as FontArt, page layouts, columns, graphics manipulation etc. Drag and drop pictures, text & even websites onto your page edit, resize, move and rotate as you go.

Pageination, 4 Column Magaznes, Xmas Cards etc are all within its capabilities.

Documents can easily be saved as PDF documents or Web Pages.

Given a little time and patience this Office package will far exceed most peoples expectations and has tricks even Office can't manage


Although no longer supported, Many believe this to be the best modification of Open Office around.

Go-Office is an enhanced version of open office that has compatibility with the top brand office suites Office and Works!

This is the most up to date Version there is and it does include the US & UK Language updates, but is also the "Final Version" as no further updates will be made available.

This software is no longer available to download from the oficial site. instead you are directed to yet another strain of openoffice. A shame as this is considered by many to be the best.

Why is it better?

  • Not only comparable with the top brand but also with many other office suites
  • It is Faster & has better compatibility than standard Openoffice.
  • The interface is more familiar.
  • it will import your Works files
  • It is comparable with The Top Office suites from 2000, 2003 & 2007 both from bill gates & lotus.
  • has SVG support
  • it will import WordPerfect graphics beautifully
  • has a linear optimization solver that can optimize a cell value based on arbitrary constraints, built into Calc.
  • Chinese should look sane.
  • If you rely on Excel VBA macros - then G offers the best macro fidelity of the open office selection.
  • uses less memory
  • Improved EMF rendering
  • Includes useful Extensions
  • bundles the most useful OpenOffice extensions, like presenter console, pdfimport, or presentation minimizer:


Create Special Effects Fonts with Fontwork

Fontwork Gallery is the Impress version of Word Art. It has many of the same features and is useful for creating impressive headings for posters and presentations.

Screen shows lots of fun font works


Works with Works!

Screen setup shows compatibility with The top brand works



Works with Works


Lotus file feature




Improved Top Brand Spreadsheet interoperation


UNO automation


Rich fields support


VBA macro support


WordPerfect Graphics Import



Please Read the information Below

Software is supplied in a plastic sleeve. Picture of boxes/Screen Shots/Books etc. are for display only

Both the Office & the Templates on a single CD

This CD, The Art Work, Menu and compilation is my own work.

This CD is Protected by copyright

The Office package on sale is Go-Office and no assumption should me made that it is anything else.

Much of this software may be freely available on the public domain. I charge for autherised hard copy production & distribution.

I am an official Hard copy distributor. This means if you don't feel like searching & risking an internet download and would prefer help etc. Then you can have it supplied on CD with easy to use menu. instructions and extra's as well as personal backup via email. Open source site has a section devoted to people who want exactly this (hard copy distro).

You can not of course get a copy of all this software on a CD & posted to you free of charge. you would have to pay someone on the distribution list for their bit as well as CD+P&P (at least).

If you would prefer to save time and effort & would like a professionally presented hard copy (on CD) with a professional backup & help service from an authorized distributor this is what I offer and is on sale.


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Items contained on this CD are distributed freely and globally under the terms of the GNU Public License, the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), The Mozilla Public License or the (Ms-PL)  Public License and as such are available on the public domain.

Pictures in this listing are either used under the terms of the hasgot public license's or are our own screen shots.

This item should not infringe any copyright, trade mark, or other rights or any of eBay's listing policies or spam policies.

If you do have any questions at all.. Please feel free to ask.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this advert

eBay please note. This product has been confirmed as Go-Office. It is not Openoffice ref: [#UK 30211T A22 MC018 ?01 G99] SR# 1-6674316107. "My name is Roxane. I'm happy to resolve your concern regarding the removal of your GoOffice CD listings. I appreciate you've contacted us to confirm that the software you've offered for sale is 'Go-Office' and Open Office is a different product. I've thoroughly investigated the issue.

I've reviewed the items and I understand that the items are not Open Office. "