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Product Key Finder for Microsoft & Others

Finds Office Product keys & Software License Numbers

For Windows (all versions) with easy to use Menu system

Most people love this CD, but if for any reason you don't. Its backed by my money back guarantee!

If you intend to re-install your Windows, Office or other software you will require your Product-key or License Numbers. These are often lost or the numbers on the sticker have rubed off.

This will enable you to Backup your existing keys and keep them safe shoud the worst happen.

If you intent to re-install. make sure you backup before you start.

Easy to Use Menu.

Easy to use Menu

The variouse packages on the CD will allow you to finds product keys etc for:

Windows 8
Windows 7 (all versions )
Windows Vista (all versions )
Windows Server 2003
Windows XP (all versions )
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows 98, 98se & 95
SQL Server & Exchanger server
Micro Soft Office (all versions) MS Works, and just about any other Micro Soft software package.
also works with many NON Micro Soft packages.


Just pop in the Proffesionally made CD-rom and either run the software directly from the CD or install onto your system (there is a choice of software). They will display your product keys and license types so that you can write them down or print them out.

You should keep these numbers safe. You will need them in the future. You will also need your windows instalation disc Or a Windows recovery disc (see our shop if you dont have one) .

Identifies the type of instalations eg : "Installed from 'Full Packaged Product' media."

Important! Please read about product key recovery & having the correct type of CD at the bottom of page!

product_key_samplePlease Note! This will not give you a New Product key. For A cheaper alternative, see our Massive Office Suite for less than £5
Important ! Please Read the information BelowWe assume that you (the user) know how to use a computer or can at least get assistance (this is not a windows tutorial CD). We also assume that you have read the advert before ordering and you are familiar with product you have ordered and the general term of purchasing.

Things you need to know about product key recovery.

  • Each program will find either different keys or the same keys from your registry.
  • The codes can be used to re-install your software, but you must have the correct version of the software as well.
  • You are given the type of installation used (e.g Windows XP will give the code and version of software such as XP Home or XP PRO RETAIL).
  • MS Office is the same and you will be told the original code used and the version of the software that was loaded.
  • The Code & the Software MUST MATCH! (eg: If you are shown an MS Office OEM 2003 code, then you also need the MS Office OEM 2003 software (not 2007, or retail etc.).
  • The reload rules applies to most software inc Windows – You cant just pick up any Windows XP Code and then use it with any XP install CD, they have to match).
  • With MS codes (especially Windows), large Manufacturers (Dell, HP, Acer etc.) use a mass production method of installing system and use the same Mass instalation code on 1000's of systems, but the license sticker underneath (or on the side) will be different for each one. The problem here is the code you get using this software and the version of the software you have on your CD may not match. i.e
  • You can NOT reinstall with an ultimate code. (in such case you may have to contact Micro Soft for assistance with your code.

We hold the copyright for this Advert & the compilation,

We dont make the software personally and cannot guarantee that all of them will run on any one particular machine. If you have issues please contact us.

This software is thoroughly tested for all known viruses, and independently certified virus-free
 before uploading.

While every care is taken in the selection and testing of this software, We can accept no
responsibility for disruption and/or loss to your data or your computer system which may
occur while using this disc, the programs or the data on it.

You are strongly advised to have up-to-date, verified backups of all important files
before installing ANY new software.

All trademarks are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners.

Will not give you a new product key. Click here for a cheaper Alternative